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Regarding the NSFW Channel…

We want to make it explicitly clear that you must be at least 18 years of age or older to use the NSFW channels. We understand that many of you are fully capable of handling NSFW content, but legally we cannot allow minors to share pornographic material.

To help prevent this from happening, we have removed the NSFW channel from the autojoin list (which we should have done to begin with). We also know people lie about their age, but if you’re found to be a minor and still use the channel you will be banned from that channel.

If you’re underage and wish to share NSFW material, please do it privately or somewhere else.


Just a small poll; would appreciate it if you did it really quick!

How hype will you guys be to see Volume 10 hit bandcamp?
Staff pic of our new team member.

Staff pic of our new team member.

Welcome, Kitty, to the Skaianet Team! (=^・ω・^=)

We now have a new member of the Skaianet team! Kitty, a long time listener and user of the chat, will be helping us out here at Skaianet. He’s going to working with the radio to help give you all an even better experience. He’s been a huge help so far!

Be sure to say hello and congratulate him in the IRC! :)


Espernet Webchat appears to be back online! This is a pretty late though since I forgot to post this earlier.

If you still prefer using Mibbit, you can always access it here.

Do you think it could remove the track Heinoustuck Vol. 1 - [11] Nightmare from the playlist? I think that's the one. Each time it pops up the scream at the beginning scares the hell out of me, as if it was a screamer or something, and it's not really a nice situation being scared and anxious all the time, not knowing if it is going to be played next. Sorry for bothering.

I’ve actually never really thought about that… you bring up a good point. We’ll [probably] remove it later today. We don’t want to legitimately scare anyone so it’s probably for the best.

Sorry if it did scare you!

EsperNet Webchat DOWN

EsperNet’s Webchat appears to be completely offline. We don’t know why or how long it will take for them to bring it back online, but in the meantime, you can use Mibbit as an alternative.

Click here to use the Mibbit webclient, or go to http://skaia.net/chat?type=mibbit

Radio Downtime


Sorry this sudden but we’re currently having technical difficulties with our ISP. We have a technician here working on the issue. This was unexpected but things should hopefully be resolved soon!

Domain Changes Complete

Alright, our nameservers have been moved successfully and everything appears to be work from our end. To make sure things update for you, please clear your browsers DNS cache. We also fixed the Song Updater (oops!)

To do this on Chrome (which we recommend), go to chrome://net-internals/#dns and click on the “Clear host cache” button.